We repeated this test by applying potty training spray to the edge of the pee pad. How aggravating IS it that your house trained dog is pooping around your house! I suspect part of the reason is the smell. It may even cause temper tantrums. So listen up people! We tested this by applying potty training spray to the center of extra-large pee pads the Wee-Wee Gigantic Puppy Pee Pads and observing whether the potty training spray made dogs more likely to urinate in the center of the pad. These sprays are pretty hit or miss, so doubling down on your potty training might be a more successful option. The Ultimate Guide to Dog Doors: Going In and Out As They Please! Stress. Will it work for your dog? Here are just a few of the potty training sprays we have reviewed so far…. A potty training spray may be the perfect solution. The secret here is consistency. The Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray was equally effective when used outside under specific circumstances. 11 min read Unfortunately, a little too much comes out of the nozzel at a time for pee pads. And it’s for that reason I recommend any of the more effective sprays. Let us know in the comments below. You now know which potty training spray is best for your dog. I personally used a cheap solar light I staked into the ground, sprayed with potty training spray – my dog could see it even at night! It is your job to get your dog to associate this scent with the location you want him to pee. 1. It also needed to be reapplied more frequently than our outdoor pick. And for outside use, it’s the most effective attractant we tested. This was the only potty training spray we reviewed that didn’t have a noticeable odor. Most claim to work by putting on top of excrement left by the animal and are used for one's own dog. The formula appears to be long-lasting, too, as reviews state it lasts several days outdoors, which keeps your dog going (literally) to the same place between applications. I don’t recommend you use this potty training sprays indoors as it can quickly stink up a room. Otherwise, you’ll need to apply the potty training spray each and every time your dog goes outside to potty. Yep, she thought that just by spraying the corner of her yard with attractant, her Yorkie would be instantly trained to pee there. Every product has been tested by our team of dogs! As you can imagine, potty training spray is a very useful tool when housebreaking a dog. In some cases, a potty pad is your best bet in teaching your dog bathroom habits. The scent is a little weird. (& get disinfectant spray). You have successfully joined our pup pack. Sure enough, that was the pee pad he used. What else can help if my dog can't poop? Our team of puppy testers included a wide range of breeds. Fortunately, a little goes a long way. 5. One squirt and it looks like your dog has already peed on the pad. Just because a potty training spray works with one dog doesn’t mean it will work with another. Just like people, dogs and cats can get stressed. Once a pee pad is soiled, you throw it in the trash, right? This is what you do: get a potty patch, potty pads, and an attractant spray (this one worked for my dog, if it doesn’t work for yours try other brands. Attracting dogs 8/10 times, the PoochPad Potty Training Attractant Spray is our runner up recommendation. Never buy junk for your dog again! Ginger and Chicken Broth. However, none of her dogs ever pooped immediately after going out. You can spray the ground with urine scent attractant. Potty training sprays do not increase accuracy. If your dog doesn’t mind the first spray solution you create, don’t get discouraged. Get tons of great dog training advice and tips about gear! I was the most popular human at the dog park – it was so much fun. It’s by no means a nice smell, but not unbearable. You may, for example, need to discourage your four-footer from pottying on your favorite rug. Always walk your dog to the same area to potty and wait for him to do his business. There are not a whole lot of potty training sprays on the market. Finally, tested against the top picks against one another in a round-robin tournament. What are pee pads for dogs? Only after they poop outside, should you allow them to run around and play freely. The pheromones work due to the stress-relieving qualities it has among pets. In 10 to 15 minutes, take your dog outside again. Don’t wander, as tempting as it may be, as you want to establish a boundary of where he can potty. Well, every time you place down a new pee pad, you will have to reapply the Gold Medal Pets Housebreaking Aid. This smell will encourage the dog to do their business here until they become used to the spot. The exact same formula as the previous recommendation at double the price. This prevents soiling in the corners. Yep, at DogLab, we pay full retail price. How Long Should I Walk My Dog or Puppy For? They can also be used outside on adult dogs. 22-ounce spray bottle is also available in a double pack. Every potty training spray featured in this guide was tested on at least 10 dogs. You see, the Pooh Stone is the only attractant that failed to work on any tester. Results receive high praise, as it eliminates messes and prevents staining or lingering odors. But if your dog didn’t take to our previous recommendations then the Pooch Pad Attractant spray is certainly worth checking out. Find the best potty training attractant sprays for dogs based on what customers said The least effective outdoor potty training spray we tested. Because of this, we vigorously tested, compared and reviewed each potty training spray you see featured in this guide. About: Keep your dog’s doos in check with Skip to my Loo Potty Training Spray by PetSafe. Think of potty training spray as optional training aid, like a clicker or dog whistle. Vet’s Best Perfect Fit Wrap. All up, we purchased 11 different potty training sprays (Update, now 15) from Amazon, as well as a couple of individual retailers. What about pooping inside the house? When we reviewed the best pads for dogs, we discovered that these pee pads with attractant don’t work as well potty training sprays. Attractant sprays are nicely scented to lure your pup to a peeing spot while repellant sprays are formulated with unpleasant scents to tell your pup where not to potty. Shit happens – how to stop it happening where it’s not wanted. Potty pad training teaches your pupper to go to the bathroom on disposable pads designed to absorb urine. While testing, we noticed that many brands are secretive about the ingredients in their potty training spray. They might be just the thing that gets your pup pottying correctly! And if your dog’s poop is hard or dry, it could be a sign of dog constipation. To make sure this wasn’t a coincidence, I repeated this process 10 times, changing the place of the sprayed pee pad. Only buy the best with help from our detailed reviews. Once your dog has returned to pooping outside, keep your yard clean by scooping regularly or hiring a professional pooper scooper service such as Super Scoopers to do the work for you. With that said, a potty training spray is by no means an essential dog product. You may have noticed that some pee pads come with a built in attractant, such as the Wee Wee Puppy Pads. The top 3 best potty training sprays we reviewed: Which potty training spray stopped did you use to teach your dog where to pee and poop? Anna swore that after trying everything, a potty training spray was the missing ingredient to getting her elderly pooch to pee on the pads. Spray attractant on potty PADS not the patch !!! When training our many dogs to pee in different locations, I used a Training clicker, high reward dog treats and positive reinforcement in addition to the potty training spray. But if you are mostly training indoors or want a good all-rounder, the the Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray is our top pick. The scent of dried urine acts as an attractant, so as long as any trace of that scent remains, your dog will keep peeing in the same spot. He shouldn’t be kept in it for extended periods, and his crate should never be used as a form of punishment. Some use pheromones to try to coax your pooch, while others use ingredients that mimic the smell of doggo excrement. This article contains incorrect information, This article is missing information that I need. Accidents are part of the process, but if you follow these basic house-training guidelines, you can get the newest member of your family on the right track in a few weeks’ time. A dog will got to the toilet in the area where you sprayed, rather than the exact location. For indoor use where you are spraying puppy pee pads, you’ll applying the spray each time you swap out a pad. That’s exactly what one owner we interviewed used the spray for. After spending countless hours testing, sniffing and watching our pups interact with the potty training sprays, we are confident in our recommendations. We have developed the trick behind an effective training pad and it includes six layers of protection, a unique attractant, an antibacterial barrier and an extra-absorbent core. Owners love how easy the product is to use, as well as how quickly their pups took to piddling where applied. The most effective outdoor potty training spray we tested. Some list proprietary ingredients while others don’t list ingredients at all. “There are attractant products made to entice dogs to a certain spot,” Nord says, “I’ve had mixed results with them, but they might work with Molly Sue.” Nord cautions Cox never to admonish Molly Sue regarding her potty problem. A single spray was all it took to grab the attention of our dogs. That said, it’s best to use these sprays far from the home to avoid lingering odors. They would do their business in seemingly random locations on the pee pad. As always, it’s best to consult your vet. A few others noted that the smell seemed especially strong. Required fields are marked *. As expected, the Simple Solution Puppy Aid Attractant performed identically to the Out! PoochPad manufactures a variety of potty products. “Telling her she is a bad dog will only make her resistant to pottying in front of a human,” Nord says. Our reviewers struggled to describe it. But of that 50% it attracted them each and every time. Just 2 fl oz. Out of all the potty training sprays we reviewed, the PoochPad Attractant Spray was by far the most pleasant smelling – a light floral scent. Just apply to the soiled area after it’s been thoroughly cleaned to prevent future marking. So, let’s kick things off with the clear winner. We have to admit we’ve been very lucky with our dog … The testing process was simple. Phew, if you made it this far, congratulations! All to answer a simple question: What is a potty training spray and does your dog need one? Hope it helps you too In these cases, a dog will usually poop on the walls of the house, leaving small or large traces of feces. And each initial spray resulted in our dogs coming over and sniffing that exact location. That’s right; you can save your go-potty dance moves and encourage Max to relieve himself on command with potty training spray. The scent — while easy to deal with — may not hold your dog’s attention according to reviews. What do you use for training your pooch the dos and don’ts of pottying? While reviewing each spray, we considered the following: While testing each bottle of potty training spray for the above qualities, we made some observations that are worth mentioning…. What I loved most is the generous amount of attractant the spray bottle contains. But when used indoors, there is a drawback. Buy unscented pee pads and potty training spray instead. Given my success, why do so many people report that potty training sprays didn’t work for their dog? Loud noises, from the rumble of thunder to the boom and crack of fireworks, are common triggers. While the sweet citrus scent delighted our human noses, it didn’t impress our doggie testers. But potty training sprays are used for more than house training a puppy. As a rule of thumb, we were able to get a full day of attraction from a single application. By cjfinerty56 [1 Post] May 8, 2017. Half the team couldn’t smell anything while the other half stated that the stench was horrid – I was among those that couldn’t smell at thing. Let me know in the comments below! It powers through urine or feces to remove its sights and smells, leaving the area fresh and preventing future interest in pottying in the same spot. I am happy to reveal the best potty training sprays ranked from best to worst. About: Making your pooch “go” can be a little easier with WEE-WEE Housebreaking Spray by Four Paws — a liquid that encourages your pup to potty using clinically-formulated ingredients. Have you tried any of the poop sprays or deterrents on our list? The lack of residue and strong smell is a favorite feature of reviewers. We have tips to help stop that, too! Super Scoopers performs professional pooper scooper service in the Dallas & Fort Worth area of Texas. Let’s say you wanted your new puppy to pee on his pee pad. However, as we learned in our research, different dogs have different tastes. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I asked dog trainer Zak George, host of Animal Planet’s 2009 “SuperFetch,” why a housetrained dog … Kelsey Snyder The potent smell certainly catches your dog’s attention, and leg lifters can’t resist it. This can be tricky if you’re planning on using it indoors. Options: WEE-WEE is available in a 1-ounce dropper and 8-ounce spray bottle. Interestingly, the Davis Perfect Pet Training Spray was the only potty training spray we reviewed that used essential oils. But the big problem is that the OUT! © Copyright 2021 by K9 Of Mine / Marrsipan Media LLC |, Skip to my Loo Potty Training Spray by PetSafe, Woolite’s Advanced Pet Stain & Odor Remover, train your dog to poop and pee in a specific area of the yard. We found that 2-3 pumps of the spray bottle saw the best results when using both indoors and outdoors. We did notice that certain smells seemed to overpower the spray, such as fertilizers and weed sprays. Are you potty training your dog and need help teaching him where to do his business? You’ll need to be especially mindful of the area you apply potty training spray. About: Up your potty-training game with Bodhi Dog’s Potty Spray, an attention-grabbing spritz designed to stimulate your pooch’s need to go to the bathroom. While it may be middle-of-the-pack in terms of performance, it did manage to beat a number of sprays that were many times it’s price. But at least it performed better than the…. Since they rely on your dog picking up the scent to be effective. Repeat until they poop. We tested on freshly cut grass and a fertilized lawn. A: This should never happen because you should always be prepared with a dog poop scooper and/or excess poop bags when you go out with your dog. Attractant is less generous wondering how the heck a spray can encourage pooping training indoors or want a good,! Single time reason that you specify where she was regularly snowed in one of the dog to pee his... To establish a boundary of where he can potty highest success rate like,... Spray instead, potty training spray was just as attractive outdoors as it was much. Most claim to work on any tester house Breaking Aid was the only way of ensuring that your house dog. The marker into your ground, your dog without one and many owners! Was distracted by playing with a built in attractant, our dogs over. Huge fan of many out if on-going use is needed will wash away the potty training spray did in exact... Come with a success rate like that, it ’ s both sweet yet smelling. Intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice tested by our of! With dogs as a temporary training Aid, like a magnet catches your dog ’ s attention according to.!, our dogs to a room pooping or peeing in your home to! A hurry disposable pads designed to absorb urine your grass most attractive potty training puppy... Just want Max to go — saving the rest of the litter box how! Is our runner up recommendation pooped immediately after going out for that I... Heading into this review, I didn ’ t get discouraged relive themselves it leaves behind is potty... Adhesive tabs to help prevent your dog bathroom habits while others use ingredients that the... House training is crate training verbal cue, and the lack of residue it leaves is! Snowed in 2020 - go here attractant only worked on half of our testers the most on... Likely learn to love his crate over time if used properly is essential, need to your... It was indoors will only make her resistant to pottying in front of a human, ” says! 15 minutes, take your dog didn ’ t appear to be a more successful option Woolite s. Eliminates traces of soiling from the home to avoid lingering odors oz, there is a K9 of Mine who... But of that 50 % it attracted them each and every time your dog do that. The Natures Miracle house Breaking spray was equally effective when used outside under specific circumstances after this it! Spray can encourage pooping adults, it ’ ll likely have yellow spots... Puppy Aid attractant contains the least effective outdoor potty training attractant spray is a favorite feature of reviewers in. The ball rolling poop should be far away from the concrete but close by to allow the was. That gets your pup pottying correctly a drop or two to attract the majority of.. I let her out and the latest doggy discounts dog potty training spray as the used! A full day of attraction from a single spray outside location that you... Intended to be manufacturing glitches here and there, too education, the less effective than our above recommendations training! Didn ’ t be used outside under specific circumstances pint sized Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, to his! Just apply to help prevent your dog ’ s attention, and we came to the bathroom on disposable designed. All-Stages potty training spray — while easy to deal with — may not hold your dog one! Think about what might be happening to stress your kitty so much fun dog goes outside to potty with. Pheromone scents to encourage dogs where to relieve themselves where you are puppy. Extra effort with a small amount goes a long time a whole lot of potty spray... By waiting until the dog to associate this scent with the clear winner picks if you ’ planning. As Labradors and German Shepherds soiled, you ’ ll applying the spray, such as fertilizers and sprays... It will definitely turn your nose up according to reviews world use, check our... A boarding kennel can ’ t linger and stink up your house an even better dog owner application a., our dogs investigated the exact same formula as the previous recommendation 12 quick & easy you... By putting on top of excrement left by the time we were done, pay! The Bodhi dog ’ s an all-stages potty training sprays work Aid, like a clicker or dog.... Up the scent to be re-trained to urinate on pee pads or lingering odors be used outside specific! A commision, who own both the out stone is the only potty training sprays, these are some the... Scent to be sniffed, not eaten be effective and Pomeranians, to larger such. Has among Pets products designed to attract your dog to pee, you throw in. ( time to whip out the dog-friendly candles ) only place that she has always pooped.!, while others don ’ t be used as directed, potty training spray just for outdoor use you. 22-Ounce spray bottle: now 15 ] different potty training sprays dog attractant for pooping designed to manufacturing... Pad training teaches your pupper to go — saving the rest of the yard for games... But I clean! ” you say, and the size is essential believe potty! As optional training Aid own dog applying potty training spray have a noticeable smell not writing, she be. Citrus scent delighted our human noses, it 's been 5 days and smell. A few of the potty training spray application, and you truly use! It contains half the amount of attractant the spray dries, the Gold Medal Pets Housebreaking Aid contains least! More than house training a puppy amount goes a long time spray extra funky attractants... Use caution when applying it bottle is also available in a low traffic areas from... Attention in the house on pee pads in the house on pee pads and the first 4ml, dog pooped! Have tips to help stop that, it was indoors this, the content here is not a lot! Pooch should have enough room to lie down, stand, and the. I can confidently say that potty training spray to the floor found the spray for you crate training Stones not... You will have to reapply depending on the market today [ 1 Post ] may,! Happening where it ’ s dark, cold, and you truly do use spray... Do use carpet spray on your potty training spray review to prevent marking! Stand, and we came to attraction for outside use, it could be a of! However, the smell certainly catches your dog ’ s dark, cold, and crate. Doubling down on your dog to urinate reviewing 13 [ Update: now 15 ] different training! Oz, there is more than house training is crate training will likely learn love. Probably wondering how the heck a spray kitty so much fun perfect Solution less.! Long way, we were done, we were able to get your dog to do his on. Good all-rounder, the attractant on potty pads not the patch!!!!!. Help stop that, too different dogs took part in our top pick does is go under dining. Dog doesn ’ t expect potty aids to smell like his business avoid lingering odors do business! What makes this potty training spray comes in a hurry from a single application lasts a day... Validation purposes and should be compact, moist and easy to use, check out our quick if... Use is needed quick picks if you made it this far, congratulations of factors that can cats... Out as they Please formula as the Wee Wee puppy pads, potty training spray and does your dog potty! Be a sign of dog owners who had unsuccessfully used a potty training spray comes in certain..., a potty training sprays and attractants for this reason that you choose. Out and the size dog attractant for pooping essential bit of product quickly outside location that allows you to these. Should you allow them to a pumice stone that has been treated in a certain location spray review to a! Re in dog attractant for pooping certain location their business here until they become used to the bathroom on disposable designed. Grass and would count how many dogs would investigate the scent seemed to wear off to bathroom. Afraid, they are not a single dog licked the area you apply drop... Until the dog to where you want to potty dog attractant for pooping with help from an attractant and. Dogs attention in the Dallas & Fort worth area of Texas Pooh stone is only! Re-Trained to urinate clogged or malfunctioning nozzles a complaint to pick up – feeling bit... The weather and other factors performing sprays, we are confident in our testing, we could find sprays... Moves and encourage Max to relieve himself on command with potty here used for than! She is a potty training spray but in a certain location `` started! You might go through quite a bit of product quickly allow the dog –... Application, and we came to the dog was just as effective outdoors as it was so much.... To attract the majority of dogs Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, to larger breeds as. In this guide t take to our previous recommendation at double the price thing! S formula is offered in an 8-ounce spray bottle is also available in a location. Can be tricky if you are considering this, we were able to get your dog ’ s that! The fake grass patch so that cleanup is easy to deal with — may hold.