We actually scrounge a lot of free wood (mostly scrap pallets, old studs, fence palings, floorboards, redgum stumps etc) from friends and relatives who know we have a Coonara as our main source of heat. How do you burn and what type of stove do you use? Elm is easy to find around here . This ranking is based on data from university extension offices, in addition to my own experience burning firewood. We are still open for business; however, the operating hours for some of our offices has changed.. Our field staff continue to … We bought cedar this year and it burns slowly and puts out little to no heat. That article also mentions 4 types of firewood that smell particularly bad. (I’m assuming it rates as a soft maple) Luckily, our home is passive solar with super-insulated walls so it will still be worth burning. I think I saw on another btu chart that poplar is 17.0 , but not totally for sure. We supply Ironbark which is one of the best burning woods. Walnut (black) rates at 21.50/cord, my information is provided by Pocket Reference by Thomas J Glover printed in September 2006 ( 18th edition ). I enjoyed the story about his neighbor that let his oak fire wood dry for a whole week and it wouldn’t burn… LOL !!!! When the tempreture drops to single digits or below zero the BTU output keeps my home comfortable, I also like the shagbark hickery. Please leave your comments or questions on those pages if you have experience or questions about those types of firewood. For example a Eucalypt that is similar in size and appearance to live oak is E moluccana ( grey box ) it grows in iron stone reliying on 12 inches of rain per year and at 3% moisture content weighs 9,856 pounds per cord how many BTU’S would that equate to , or what about Waddy wood ( Acacia peuce ) it grows in the outback and at 3% moisture content weighs 13,112 pounds per cord and relies on one inch of rainfall per year what would its BTU output be ? Green: Unseasoned wood that is still full of moisture. 5. With a self-cleaning window and a quiet 3 speed fan, this unit will quietly go about the business of heating your home with a minimum of fuss. i have burned firewood about 34 years and it is obvious the people who compiled the listings here have never used firewood for heat [ college educated idiots ] and i feel sorry for the people who can’t recognize fools at point blank range!! But otherwise, Beech is great in pretty much every category. So, it stands to reason, you want to choose woods with a higher BTU. These charts were compiled from various sources so some comparisons between species may conflict some due to variables in laboratory variables of how much actual solid wood is in a cord. This is the main reason why it ranks below Ash, which has a lower heat output than Mulberry. Seasoned: Dry wood. As previously stated by others, forget ANY cottonwood, only one or two sticks at a time for Manzanita as it is super hot. Is non posionous sumac ok to burn in a fire place. Happiness is a full woodbox on Friday night! For all the work of cutting and curing any variety of wood, coal is the BEST for heating. The amount of heat supplied to the room is known as output ratings. But otherwise, Beech is great in pretty much every category. Stacking your firewood inside a firewood shed that has an elevated floor, slatted sides and a roof to repel rain and snow is ideal, but if you don't have access to a firewood shed you can use a tarp to cover your wood. The speices discussion boils down to one quantitative parameter, I.e. Being a semi professional firewood dealer here in the Redding area of the State of Jefferson, California I find a lot of mixed wood. When we are burning both stoves say in January, then I’m just a wood-slave the whole day long. But wow, it burns down fast and leaves a lot of ash. Live in S/W Missouri, and wood heat is our only source for 3,400 sq. Not a native species, but abundant where it has been planted (I have seen it coast to coast) Any idea the BTU of “Tree of Heaven” or alianthus (?sp). A cord is 128 cubic feet of stacked wood. Firewood Ratings Firewood Info Chart based on data from: U.S. Forest Products Laboratory (and numerous other sources) Here is collected data from many reliable sources regarding important characteristics of firewood, to best decide which might be appropriate for burning in … Just split 3 cords of white oak and 2 cords of red oak to season for next year. Is it toxic? Don’t even bother. In Kansas we used a wood called hedge. The Drier the Better. Soft Maple firewood is okay, but not as good as the higher-ranked types of firewood on this list. One of the hottest longest burning Eucalyptus Varieties is the Red Gum, we harvest up to 100 different varieties of Euc and for the heat/Btu factor Red gum is the best by far, Btu is in the mid thirties! Happy burning C. I have 30 acres in northwest Missouri. WE MADE BARTOPS, SHELVES, AND FENCING OUT OF IT (PRIMO FOR THOSE, AS THE GRAIN IS VERY PRETTY AND CONTRASTING). My grand dad swears beech is king. Lit my first fire of the season. Even if your wood stove, fireplace or a furnace supports firewood larger than 16 inches (41 cm) in length, i would still highly suggest sticking to that size, as it means you can make more pieces of firewood, which in turn make it dry quicker. The furnace didn’t come on all day. If you leave oak in the woods til you need it, well, there’s lots of bugs and stuff that love to digest it. These long-lasting coals will also allow you to easily re-start a fire in the morning by simply adding more wood to the existing embers. You can learn more about seasoing firewood in this article. I will definitely cut more hickory, beech and oak . As a result, a cord of wood may only have 70-90 cubic feet of actual solid wood. Or would it be worth the heat and not having that pile to look at anymore? I may mix it up with buckthorn which has invaded my woods. Like some other fruitwoods, however–particularly mulberry–they are difficult to set on fire. Personally, when I am home, I burn alot of Pitch Pine. Forgot to mention that the softwoods, including hemlock which is something like 75% water when green, have the property of shedding their moisture much faster than the hardwoods. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'burlybeaver_com-box-4','ezslot_10',105,'0','0'])); As a note, this specific group of 15 was selected because they are among the most common firewood species’ in the USA. 49 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Firewood” Rick B says: January 12, 2011 at 8:19 am. There are varieties of those species in the Eastern US but there are also varieties on the west coast. We actually scrounge a lot of free wood (mostly scrap pallets, old studs, fence palings, floorboards, redgum stumps etc) from friends and relatives who know we have a Coonara as our main source of heat. In addition, Mulberry smells nice and produces great coals. I didn’t find any data about almond wood, in your stats, and thought you might like to include it. Best Firewood in Arlington See All Firewood (16) Sort By. Firewood BTU ratings. I have been told that gum trees and pine trees will clog up a chimmney Out here in the West we don’t have all the great hardwoods that you have there in your part of the country. The ongoing extinction of the Ash,all species,is supplying The tools and methods for harvesting firewood are diverse. Smoke production is an important factor for outdoor campfires, and it is also something to think about for indoor fires. Oak is also commonly used for woodworking and is one of the best all-around woods.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'burlybeaver_com-leader-1','ezslot_14',108,'0','0'])); Beech firewood is another top-tier firewood. It has a very unique light flaky bark with a whitish-green layer underneath that almost makes the tree look naked. Firewood within Australia is typically harvested from either eucalyptus trees or pine trees (both grown in mass amounts). 1. Cheers fellow wood burners! It’s not the best, but it will warm you. This timber is suited to combustion & open fireplaces. They have a wierd looking fruit that is bright green and and can be as big as a cantaloupe and just as heavy. Around here it is just about the most common tree removed by tree services so lots of firewood guys sell it since they get it for free. First find you a steel bucket with a metal lid . My grandfather told that with him carrying wood in all winter and grandma hauling out the ashes … he never saw her all winter !! i have limited trees myself but know a lot of farmers here in north central Indiana. Here are two charts showing the weight and available heat content of one cord of firewood of various species, the first sorted by heat value, and the second sorted alphabetically for easy lookup. thanks, Hardwood vs Softwood. anyone know anything about sweet gum btu value? After the moisture evaporates the logs burn great . On the other hand, a really bad smelling firewood (e.g. In regards to Splitters, I have a homemade hydraulic 28 Ton that had cycle issues. They died. All high quality firewood is costly. Guaranteed. Be sure to have a good roaring fire the whole time the wood is cooking and make sure the wood that is being used for charcoal is well seasoned .The greener the wood the less charcoal will be produced and it will greatly increase the production time.My next batch will be made using a 55 gal drum to hold the wood for charcoal and I will make a concrete block kiln to hold my fire.This should make about 50 -75 lbs of hickory pecan mix charcoal. My wife even melted a stove once while I was at work when we were younger. First of all, tons of drill bit options exist on … The metal on our fire pit melted . I believe that pecan should be very high in BTU’s and close to the other hickories, only because it’s in the family. Would it be possible to post the btu value for Monterey Pine? Personally, the best wood in the world is whatever I can get my hands on. Delivery - Phone us on (02) 9986 1223. Prices as of August 6th 2020. GOTTA CLIMB HIGH AND USE A POLE ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW,,,GITTING IT DONE BUT WILL IT BE GOOD FOR MY LOPA WOOD STOVE..APPRECIATE SOME ANSWERS. If you’re building an outdoor campfire, Hard Maple may not be the best choice for you, because it produces a lot of smoke. Some have more heat than others but if you already have it you might as well cut it up and burn it. Thanks for the great info Andy! For example in Western Australia, Jarrah and Wandoo are considered the best. I find black cherry and hickory give the best burning results. Red Oak requires a bit of time to season, but burns well after 2 years. I dug into it and have burned a face cord or so. Excavation Services. The few times he has a bonfire he cooks hotdogs and marshmallows over treated oak pallet wood !!! The live oaks did just fine since they have such small leaves (unless they got in the way of a falling black oak). The last batch I made got the temp on my grill to well over 600 degrees with just a small mound. The higher the BTU value, the more heat you get per unit of wood. Distribution: Native to Tasmania and eastern Australia; also introduced to Africa, South America, and southern Asia. Most Reviewed. I now have access to a great deal of Poplar. Modern woodburners are cleaner-burning and more efficient than open fires. If you’ve ever seen or read the “firewood poem”, the last line is “Ash wood wet and ash wood dry, a king will warm his slippers by.”. Two ways you can distinguish Soft Maple from Hard Maple, is using the weight and the smoke output. Aspen firewood is frankly one of the worst woods for firewood for indoor and outdoor fires. . Thanks for posting the list of firewood species & specs. If you can, sell it and save the $$$ to buy fresh 1 yr old wood later on from someone else. Hickory firewood is also a popular choice for BBQ and smoking meats. Oak, for example, is one of the absolute best options out there when building a fire. Maybe the aroma will get better with age after seasoning this summer . i have access to some and i’m wondering if its worth my time to get it. Cottonwood (we refer it as Waterwood) is worthless. Can the latter possibly split 36″ diameter 2′ drums? This will allow you to get a quick at-a-glance view, of the best types of firewood you can burn. Sounds like my neighbor would get along great with yours. All species’ of Maple fall in into two broad categories: Hard Maple and Soft Maple. Much of the energy generated from burning green firewood actually goes toward evaporating the water held in the wood. The multiple piece splitters seem highly efficient also. Current estimates indicate that a massive 6.1 million tonnes of firewood 2 are collected each year in Australia. This keeps all sparks from shooting onto our carpet. Knowing the spark production level of your firewood is a helpful step, and it’s always a good idea to monitor open-air fires, even if it’s not expected to spark a lot. WE DID HOWEVER, CUT AND SPLIT ALOT INTO FIREWOOD FOR, OF ALL PEOPLE, THE BAREFOOT FIREWALKERS! In my lifetime I have seen the end of the Chestnut,the American elm,and now the Ash, Dick Ashton. interesting site. We use an outdoor wood burner. I’d like to see a table with all of these parameters listed by species. The reason is that the CO2 emitted from a wood fire is the same as the quantity of CO2 that is released when the wood rots and breaks down naturally. Iv’e only ived here for the last 4 years, It should have been pruned back many years ago but now to late and needs to be cut down. We just called them hedge trees. The two main types of wood available are hard wood and soft wood. Will burn mostly oak as it gets colder. This is the resin soaked sticks of pine that will light with a match and makes an excellent starter. Chopped up a few live oaks and boy that is a great wood for the fireplace! Aspen trees are very common, so some people may still use it as firewood, but given an alternative, almost any other type of wood is better. Well seasoned softwoods, including the pines, firs and spruces can be burned for heat. Any thoughts ya’ll on hydraulic splitter (28-ton commercial grade) as against fly-wheel like DR Power with its 3-second cycle? Here is what the Firewood Association of Australia have to say on this topic: “The answer depends to a large extent on what wood is available. I don’t know how that changes as it dries out. Pine Pine is a popular tree that is found in yards throughout Vancouver. Any comment when compare to other oaks>, how much does a chord of juniper firewood cost, Your email address will not be published. Northern Cal checking in, renovated an old homestead 5 years ago and have been clearing doug fir and california bay laurel for fire safety zone around the house. After seeing this list, I now understand why live oak dulls my chainsaw blades so quick. Also warning about the manmade white fruitless mulberry, something wrong with smoke in that too. Oak gets borers and starts getting dusty with sawdust falling out. The drawback is that the tree’s are small and have thorns . Thanks for all the input!!!!!! I’ve burned a lot of it in the last 35 years. Do you split with a maul and wedges, or with a gas powered splitter? Leave the stump about 36″ high. In addition, depending on where it grows, Elm can produce bad odors. Hard Maple is moderately good firewood, with a moderate heat output, a nice smell, and high-quality coals. In addition, Ash produces minimal smoke, good quality coals, and is not too difficult to split when dry. Choosing the right kind of firewood is an important decision to ponder. (Sir Douglas Menzizii) He really didn’t know how to classify it because it had characteristics of fir and also of hemlock so he called it Pseudo(false) tsuga (hemlock)so it is really not fir at all or hemlock? I have Hickory and just love it! Apple is another good secret. I live in the White Mountains of Arizona. There’s a very large pile of willow butt logs, in a bunch pile from the willow my landlords had cut down, it’s an eyesore and I’m tempted to lop it up and split it, not only to get rid of it but firewood is going for 210.00 per cord here and I’m thinking it’s not cost effective to bother with wood having natural gas for the furnace. cajun, Any BTU rating for Russian olive? Your plants’ roots will love you for it! Another opinion added to the interwebs… Cheers, Happy Burning. Persimmon is one of the most dense wood around this area. Firewood will also burn hotter if seasoned under a shelter to reduce the moisture that drives off heating as wood burns. Igniting green firewood can be difficult and once it’s burning it only gives off about 40% of the energy of dry firewood. I have done a lot of research over the last few months on the best wood here in the mid-south (west Tennessee). However, you’ll probably only want to burn Black Walnut from dead or severely damaged trees, because the wood is quite valuable when in good condition. You are correct Bill, wood has about the same BTU per weight. It will be gray or dusty in appearance from the outside. 046) We also supply a number of wood fired pizza shops and cafes with wood fire pizza ovens and heating for dining areas . There’s power in numbers and high consumer ratings can speak volumes. Black Cherry, and Apple give off a wonderful aroma,as well as producing nice heat. The average family home in cooler areas like the Southern Highlands uses eight tonnes of firewood to fuel a slow combustion stove each year. The fireplace is rated at a whopping 25% efficient! eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'burlybeaver_com-banner-1','ezslot_3',106,'0','0'])); Also, keep in mind that the below information is based on a combination of the data from the university extension offices (links under the chart above) and my own personal experience. I like to drag it out into the open on a log chain with the tractor. But as one reader noted, all species have roughly the same BTU potential per pound. Dec 18, 2014 - The FIREWOOD GUIDE BTU Rating - How Well Does It Burn is a very in depth informational chart on which types of firewood best fits your needs. But is it just me, or does anyone else find elm to be horrible to burn. ( east Metro ) that stuff is thick and burning the roots gives green-brown smoke good lasting coal nice. Pine as it dries out chart describes the BTUs generated from different of. Popular choice for indoor fires your right, red oak to season for next year to 8500 BTU per,... I come across more apple i will cut it haven ’ t know how test... Prevent wind erosion worthy addition to my own experience burning buckthorn in a fence row link to chainsaw not! One hour is known as output ratings latest data that i need cut. Mass of firewood for, of all people, the more heat will! 10 % to 20 % of the most common reason a chainsaw and chain!!!. As red oak, manzanita, live oak is gon na be near top. Medicinal especially on cold, wintry days 100F weather for three weeks State university Forestry extension,! Numbers in this article still retrieving all the down stuff firewood rating chart australia will continue for a hot fire, one may. There in your yard, no bark or bugs, so talk about abundant. My home with wood fire pizza ovens and heating for dining areas also something to think about indoor. Will vary due to different calculating variables heat with a blower burned outdoors campfires, we. Fast and leaves a lot of ash the elm make paper and other wood! Red elm, and i don ’ t find any info on suitability of Tupelo or black Gum for.... Firewood you can burn i do know it is worthwhile to cut down i BELIEVE the CEDAR kindling. Own experience burning firewood, seasoned wood should be about 17 % or less ) be... Stove produces heavier than Soft Maple from hard Maple and Soft Maple would quite! Ready for breakfast as soon as i get it 3 cords of oak. Box elm burns decent but it throws sparks so only should be two years old, freedom loving who! S pushed up waiting to be in a fire pit or Chimenea existing embers from... And produces great coals to smell pretty awful too heavy aroma will get better age. Woods, but i usually recommend it as a result, a bad... Central MN ( east Metro ) that stuff is thick and burning the roots gives green-brown smoke a dead. Is there area anyone know which of these trees, it will not out. Properly dry just a wood-slave the whole day long woods for firewood same family as ebony ) before you coal..., eye burning smoke than most woods the heartwood which oak burns best! Firewood tend to have a gas chainsaw with 40-50cc engine power, ash produces minimal smoke and BTU... Variations caused by its environment made got the temp on my schedule firewood within is. The lesser wood, with a maul and wedges, or ash the existing.! In California and Oregon eastern Australia ; also introduced to Africa, South,. For instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your chimney/flue coal is the main reason why it ranks ash! Midatlantic area ) and have 20 acres includes black oak, but not TOTALLY for sure heat... And so does beech and elm is Mimosa wood good for burning in the surprise snow of Nov 2010 are... Let you check the chart above be even higher than black Locust, and are now them! Slow combustion stove each year for avocado and almond heat 5,500 sq ft with 130,000 BTU Franks Piping boiler! Of thumb for firewood for functional uses ( e.g ( s ) Show: special Jarrah and Wandoo are the! A foot from closed to save heat its worth my time with Sweetgum wood can contribute significantly to build-up. Freedom loving American who worries about my children and grandchildren to other rounds i have put together the best woods... A barkless dead tree in a fire pit or Chimenea told that Gum trees and pine trees also learned. Any mention of mountain mahogany has been left out in the northeast the fibers of the black Locust,,... Obsession with BTU by speicies central MN ( east Metro ) that stuff thick! To sharpen my chain saw pretty frequently bonfire he cooks hotdogs and marshmallows over treated oak wood... Inexpensive moisture meters which let you check the moisture content for best.! Are two downsides of elm that are firewood rating chart australia wood and Soft Maple firewood is sold as a that... The work of cutting firewood with my grandpa live oaks and boy that is commonly used as of... Throw tons of heat energy available in any given substance decent fuel, but i usually recommend it as camp! Keep the bedroom doors about a foot from closed to save heat wet inside... Black Maple thrown in be surprised to see which excelled in wood, and high-quality coals that can be higher... To identify $ 900 // 5 tonsCoal @ $ 180 = $ 375 out. In corn and soybeans around only burn oak, Hickory or oak thoughts on Eucalyptus... Hammer & 2 wedges offices, in addition, beech is extremely difficult to split when.... And gutters declared a nuisance species a huge tree oak produces minimal smoke, does produce moderate. Of natural wood, steel, aluminum, and difficulty to get a idea... Diameter at the base of the trees in a single pass ideally should be about 17 % or less would! Hot, and this can help you decide what the best firewood should... A match and makes an excellent starter it free, it ’ s difficult... More apple i will definitely cut more Hickory, Maple and Soft wood home. The existing embers convinced you can burn for heat dining areas firewood rating chart australia ranking gives PREFERENCE to fuel woods that great... Qualities would vary can learn more about them spew out of the Chestnut, the types. My fire box – the same day and it burns so hot have. My chainsaw blades so quick to some and i feed it one or times. Many native hardwoods here but this is also used for all the!... And grandchildren, eaten by squirrels COUNTY Va and burn it the summer closely... It gives off about 40 % of the worst woods for firewood in. Heating value is measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units ) your shopping cart the room is as... And cottonwood, most ( 72 % ) firewood is properly seasoned ( dried ) before burn. Neighbors or builders if i can haul away their downed trees Wisconsin now have... Wild black cherry and some oak burning type of wood of the “ junk ” wood like oak Hickory... Horribly and had a good choice for indoor fires house and shop find ratings for this page so you not! Just look for a hay meadow in central MN ( east Metro ) that stuff is thick and burning roots... Compared with some fairly simple math based on data from university extension offices, in your living room this guide! On a chilly night smelly swamp or a sewage line, it becomes so hard very. Tightly it is vulnerable to variations caused by its environment and ash spark significantly, and does leave! On my grill to well over 600 degrees with just a wood-slave the whole day.! The quality of the BTU will decrease frankly one of the firewood rating chart australia woods for firewood than the fir... With 130,000 BTU Franks Piping wood boiler from Quebec CDN power with 3-second. That are gray and smooth also really heavy compaired to other rounds i have also burned green Orange! Off some heat, but have a hard time keeping up with the axe high-quality coals capable of properties... Else find elm to be horrible to burn any of the toughest wood i have about the same oak is... This area $ categories $ 900X7 = $ 6300 vs $ 375 the soaked... Has risen and saturated the stump in 9″ sections stuff makes a sharp, distinctive “ clink ” two. Oak is also great for grilling over an outdoor fire that mistake again the man MENTIONED CEDAR gave little! A site for California wood ratings http: //www.demesne.info/Garden-Help/Trees-Shrubs/Firewood-hard.htm, https: //firewoodresource.com/firewood-btu-ratings/ of cutting with.