Syntax for onchange attribute in HTML: Applies To: Select with onchange example. STEP BY STEP CLIENT SIDE GETTING SELECTED VALUE OF DROPDOWNLIST. The onchange attribute is a section of the Event Attributes. An excerpt HTML: HyperText Markup Language. select is a reserved word in JavaScript (sort of). The dropdown is filled with three options. Following is an HTML select example as the onchange event occurs. ----- To unsubscribe, e-mail: For … jQuery get selected dropdown VALUE; Calling Javascript from jsp onchange of a dropdown value; Dropdown selected value not updating visually (html-select, javascript) Dropdown list selected value not working; Can not get dropdown selected value So, let's see bellow preview and code: When the value of the element is changed, if onchange attribute is used, a script is executed. They recommend using React Select for an Add an onChange Handler to an Input; Pass an Input Value to a Function in a React Component; Storing an Input Value Inside of State; What is the onChange Event Handler? ; In Internet Explorer: the onchange event is fired when the element loses the focus and the checked state has changed since the last time the element got the focus. You will Step By Step learn web programming, easy and very fun. It is similar to oninput event attribute. Is it better to change this and put the functionaly in a Java-Class. Pick the one you need and pass in a object with your html attributes. How can I handle onchange with @Html.DropDownList() Answer Description. I'm trying to get the form submitted any time the option selected changes. onchange only occurs when the change to the input element is committed by the user, most of the time this is when the element loses focus.. if you want your function to fire everytime the element value changes you should use the oninput event - this is better than the … 4) Get selected @foreach ( var template in templates) {